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All workweeks should be 3 days! Who agrees?

A new year, and some new interesting articles to share with you!

Looking back on 2012 and beyond 2013, Mark Bittman offers this comprehensive overview of health-related current events, news, and trends in The New York Times Online.

Water, Coconut Water, or Sports Drink -- Which is best for you?  Brad Gouthro helps you choose.

Mark Sisson asks if you're eating these important supplemental foods.  I've got about a third in my diet... dare me to try the rest?

Whether you're making this common interval training mistake or simply want to take your workout to the next level, Dr. Ray Hinish has the trick to get the most burn out of your high-intensity interval training.

Looking for some new recipes?  Jenn has you covered, with colorful recipes, from A to Z!

Or, check out Balanced Bites if you're interested specifically in 15 egg-Free Breakfast Ideas.

More news on negative effects of fructose (which is in SO MANY PROCESSED FOODS) via Greatist.

Speaking of fructose, aka sugar...

Checking in: How am I doing with my January goals?
It's been fine so far, but I have already faced a couple challenges. Fortunately, I was able to hold out and stick to my guns, not caving in to sugar or non-paleo foods.  I passed by a bowl of holiday chocolates at the office, and I declined wine while out to dinner.  Now, the weekend, on and upwards!  It's only four days in, so this is the easy part.  Cravings are just starting to creep in, but I think week 2 will be the toughest.  I just keep telling myself how great it will feel when I've completed the 21 Day Sugar Detox, and I no longer feel like a slave to chocolate!  Once I get there...

Now, I am not giving up sweets forever.  No way!  I just want to kick the habit, and it seems like Diane Sanfilippo has come up with a successful program for doing so.  As always, it's really just sticking to real foods, as they're found in nature (except fruit and a few others), and eating as much of those foods as I like.   The goal is to stop depending on sugar for energy.  Learn more about it at, where she explains the reasons behind it, describes the program itself, and offers many testimonials. I hope I can experience similarly pleasing results!

Wish me luck, and have a great weekend!

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