Jabbawockeez is a hip-hop dance crew that made it big after winning America's Best Dance Crew's first season.  They're an international sensation, celebrated for their innovative choreography and engaging performances.  Now, not only do they showcase their own talents on video, but they use their knowledge to help get you on your feet, dancing just like them:

Well, maybe not exactly like that, but you get the idea.  So if you're ready to work on your hip-hop skills, Jabbawockeez is coming to a living room near you!

In their "School of Dance" instructional dance and fitness DVD program, the dance team members give step-by-step lessons that create some really impressive dance combinations.  Through learning the moves, you also get lessons in...
(1) Coordination & Balance
(2) Syncopation & Timing
(3) Musicality & Rhythm
(4) Groove
(5) Flow

... all while working up a sweat, of course!

The First DVD, "Top Rocks," really eases you in.  If you're a beginner, no need to fear!  The pace was almost too slow for my taste, but, then again, I'm no hip hop dancer and certainly benefited from the instructional pace.  From there, you learn and improve, working your way up through the lessons as you grow as a dancer!

Each DVD not only has the hour-long Dance Breakdown itself (instruction), but also other 10-minute lesson features, plus a video of the entire Jabbawockeez crew performing the dance to music.  Seeing them do it is pretty amazing; there's a reason they won America's Best Dance Crew!!

The one thing I wish the instructional portions had was music.  Back when I took dance classes, I could always learn the combinations by matching each move to a lyric or portion of the song.  Learning the dance moves without music to start was a bit frustrating for me, but the incorporation of a steady beat later on helped a bit.

If you're looking to learn to dance, to impress your friends at a party, to get your body moving, or to improve your coordination, posture, and balance, this is a great program to follow!  With five DVDs, there's plenty of variety and you're sure not to get bored.  Who doesn't love to dance?  (If your answer is no, then you know what I'm saying next -- TRY IT!  I dare you.)

Click here to learn more about Jabbawockeez!

Whether you follow along with the DVD, hit up a dance club with your friends, or blast the music in your bedroom for a solo dance party, I dare you to DANCE! 

Do you enjoy dancing? Have you ever tried hip-hop?
What types of at-home DVDs do you like the most?

Disclaimer: I was sent the Jabbawockeez DVDs free of charge, but the opinions expressed above are all my own.

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