Start a Conversation

The Canadian Cancer Society has a message for you: #YouAreLoved.

Step 1: Watch
  • You Are Loved by Fight for Life features three female cancer survivors, describing their individual battles and encouraging women to speak to their doctors.


Step 2: Listen
  • Cancer doesn't discriminate anybody
  • Don't live in fear; enjoy everything! Enjoy as much as you can
  • If you know something is not right, make sure you talk to your doctors.
  • Allowing people to support you doesn't negate the fact that you are still strong and abled.

Step 3: Start a conversation
  • Share this video and invaluable message with your loved ones.
  • Take their words to heart, and know that life can change at every corner.
  • Be cautious. Be smart.
  • Early detection is key. Seek a medical opinion if you've got any questions.
  • Don't waste time; do what you want in life, now.
Check out Fight for Life for more information.

I dare you to start a conversation with your mothers, aunts, friends, grandmothers, sisters, co-workers, and doctors.  Educate yourself about the symptoms and questions to keep in mind.  Spread the love to fight women's cancers. 

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