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Today is a monumental day in America, a day for the history books, a day for national pride, and a day for us in America and abroad to look back on the past year and see what's been accomplished.

I started a blog.

Sure, there's this election thing going on, and we cast our votes for the next American President, but what's REALLY exciting is that one year ago, I started a blog, and have since kept and grown it.  Dare You To... has been in existence for exactly one year. 

Happy "blogiversary" to me!

When I was somehow persuaded to finally create the blog and write my first post, I had no clue how much it would grow, take over my life, and take on a life of it's own.  I've met some amazing people--both online and in person--and learned so much about health, wellness, fitness, blogging, sharing, and the power of community encouragement and support.  Special thanks to my FitFluential family for helping me grow, and thank YOU, my readers, for sticking with my throughout my first year.  I look forward to the next!

In this year, we've become runners, transformed our diet, invested in proper equipment, tried new workouts, and met fitness celebrities.  Now you and I will continue to set SMART goals, make time for fun, and cook up a storm. Who's with me??

Rather than celebrating with a giant giveaway or fanfare, I simply want to thank you for sticking with me, taking on my dares, and inspiring me in return.   Your messages, comments, and emails letting me know what challenge you've accomplished or how Dare You To... has inspired you have touched my heart and inspired me, in return.

As a present to my blog, you can now get to Dare You To simply by going to, rather than through blogspot. Woohoo!

I'll also self-promote a bit my reminding you that you can find Dare You To... on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and DailyMile, or by clicking "subscribe" or "join this site" on the right side panel. =)  

Stay in touch!

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