But actually.

I've been using Glide, but whatever you've got will do!

Dental floss. That annoying little string that seems much more inconvenient than it ever actually proves to be.  It's time to get flossing.

If you're perfect and floss daily, feel free to close the browser right now.  But if you're like most of the people I've spoken to, stick around.

I confess, I'm guilty of not flossing nearly as much as I should. I do it when I remember, which is rarely, or when I stumble upon the tiny containers, after the dentist gives me a new one, or when I am reminded of the benefits of flossing.  Now, understand, my teeth have been just fine.  My dentist has yet to comment on my gums or accuse me of not flossing enough.  However, I am no longer taking that to mean I'm in the clear.

These may make it easier?

Floss isn't just for getting that stubborn piece of food out from between your teeth.  It's a habit that leads to health in other ways. Let's see how:



Seems like a no-brainer, right?

This week, I dared myself to floss. Daily. I took out my little floss packs (like the easy-to-use picks above, or the string packs that my dentist gives me) and kept them in view near my toothbrush.  Every night before brushing, I made a point of flossing my teeth first.

But how, you ask?  Not sure you're doing it right?  Follow this step-by-step slideshow or watch the following minute-long tutorial video:

So, I made friends with the little box of string.  The first two times, my gums bled a bit. Not pretty, but it didn't really hurt, either. And then it was fine! My teeth and gums got used to it, and handling the long string of floss became less of a hassle. Like anything else, it's all about establishing a habit.

Did it make a huge difference in my life? No, not yet, but I like to think of what I'm preventing down the line.  Plus, I like going to bed knowing my teeth and gums are squeaky clean!

I'm going to continue my flossing routine, and I dare you to begin or continue yours!  

WebMD has a counterargument for every excuse, so NO EXCUSES!  Find that hidden little box, put it in plain view by your toothbrush or any location you'll see it and use it daily, and simply begin the habit.  It may take time and effort to start, but this is one habit that's worth getting used to.  Take care of your health! Give your gums some attention. Floss

Do you remember to floss every day? 

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