#getafter a Reebok Run

Last week, I got to try something new. Woo! That's what we're all about here.

Andre, me, and Amber

On that chilly Saturday morning, I met up with Amber bright and early to head on over to the Reebok Crossfit Fifth Ave. box and store.  This wasn't my first visit, but I was happy to return for the very first run of their Running Club!

In the store, Amber and I browsed the apparel and shoes. I traded in my regular sweatshirt for a snazzy gray athletic jacket that would keep me warm for the outdoor run.

Amber and Andre
Hanging out in the store

Amber recorded a "before" video for her vlog (video blog) about the event, and told me I was joining her. My first vlog? Sigh... fine. She dared me. So you can see that on her recap.

Or you can watch this:

Then the other FitFluential participants arrived, and Naomi and Betsy led us outdoors to warm up.  We did some dynamic stretching to warm up in the cold and then set off for what would be a two-mile run.

Naomi explaining the route

Running through the streets of a city is never fun; I find it frustrating to dodge people, dogs, trash, and more, as well as having to wait at every stoplight if I have a specific route planned.  This run, however, had fantastic company to keep things fun. Six-eight was the perfect size group to run with--large enough that people clearly became aware of our presence, but small enough that we could stay together and not take over the entire sidewalk.

It was my first outdoor run in too long!  Although the cold air was certainly something to adjust to, it wasn't so bad, because we made "pit stops" along the way for strength exercise!


^ Christy and I aced this partner wall-sit. 
Quads burning, we didn't give up until the minute was finished! 

In the end: ROCKED IT! We all had so much fun; I was sad when it was over!  I'll just be looking forward to the next Reebok Running Club event. See you there! 

Reebok Fitness: #getafterit

This definitely got me excited to be running again.

If you're not a distance runner, you can still take advantage of the cool air by taking YOUR workout outside.  Run a bit, then stop and do strength. Run a bit further, and do another bodyweight move. Dare you to.

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