Monday Motivation: Running

It's Monday, again! In the past few weeks, some fantastic guest bloggers have shared their personal stories.
What about you?  
How did you first begin running?  What keeps you going?  I want to know!
Email me (dareyoutoblog (at) gmail (dot) com) if you'd like to share your story.

My own love-hate relationship with running can be found here at Angela's blog.  A refresher: I don't necessarily love running, itself, but I love the challenge and the ability to keep going, keep trying, keep reaching for better.  Nothing beats the feeling of running farther and longer than you thought you could.

I've said before that music motivates me.  Make a playlist just for running (or other workout of choice). Let the music, the beat, the lyrics push you further.  Here's 100 Running Songs to try.

If you need an extra push, come up with a personal mantra to get you and keep you moving.  Try these motivating words:


No matter how slowly you go,
you're lapping everyone on the couch!


And one of my personal favorites...


Want more images? Check out Pavement Runner's "Motivation for a Monday".  You can also take a look through my Pinterest boards for Fitness and Inspiration.

If you're training for a big race, FitFluential shares 7 Tips to Stay Motivated and Strong - Mentally and Physically - through Race Day.

Why do YOU run?  What motivates YOUR fitness routine?
Comment below and/or email me if you'd like to share :) 

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