Friday Photos: October 12-25

Whoops - missed last Friday! Catching up now with the Live Lean Eat Green Photo-A-Day October Challenge. 

So, below, you have a HUGE ASSORTMENT of dares to choose from. They're all quick and painless, and also fun. Take your pick.

October 12: Buy yourself flowers. You deserve them.

13: Make something with pumpkin!

Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes

14: Burn some calories cleaning the house!

15: Go vegetarian for the day!

Had me some roasted vegetables.

16: Let me see you sweat!

Mehhh another self-photo. 
No more, Lindsay, please!

17: Call a family member just to chat.

Yes, my parents are still (and always will be) "home."

18: Buy a new healthy snack to try.

19: Go on a walk at lunch!

Rain or shine!

20: Have a treat!

My go-to sweet treat
Anything yogurt- or chocolate-covered.

21: Park farther away today.

No car. Went for this run instead.

22: Hand write a letter to a friend.

23: Eat some roasted vegetables.

24: Do 100 lunges before breakfast.

My glutes 100% felt this the next day. 

25: Pack a healthy snack for a friend.

Not a snack, per se, but consumable.
Something delicious I gave her a sample of once,
but she wasn't able to find after.
Yummy and relaxing.

Remember! You can follow along with my #liveleaneatgreen challenge photos and tidbits on Instagram.


I dare YOU to... 

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