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Dare you to check out these interesting reads 
from the past few weeks...

For a split second, Eggs were found to be as bad as smoking
but most of us quickly dismissed the hyperbolic headline and
Mark Sisson straightened things out.  Laury also gives a clear
explanation of Egg Yolks and Bad Science.

Ever wonder what brain freeze is really about? Carolyn explains.

The Angry Trainer reminds us that weight training IS cardio!
So go do pushups, squats, and lift heavy things.

Alfonso also dares his readers to skip the bread, so I pass it on to you.  
Really, just go a week without wheat and see how you feel.  Dare you to!

Alison offers tips to beat sugar cravings.

Take a look at this awesome infographic on optimizing health.

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about birth control pills
at Paleo for Women.  She explains the what, why, how, benefits, and risks.

Do government regulations on unhealthy items lead to healthier choices?
Marion Nestle points to research that says yes.

A study described in the New York Times found: a modern hunter-gatherer societies do not expend more energy than Western populations (despite a much more active lifestyle), meaning that resolving our obesity problem is not about moving more. It's about altering our diets.

PS: Whole Foods is having a sale on grass-fed beef, today only!

Have a great weekend!

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