Recap: HLS12 Day 1

This weekend, I attended the Healthy Living Summit, 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts.  For the many of you who want to know how it went, I'm going to share!  In stages.  This weekend I posted a super intensive recap of the Reebok Fit Hub and my first CrossFit workout, so check that out, and I'll keep this one simple as possible.  Photos help. :)

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SO: Boston. Arrived on Friday mid-morning and went straight to the Hyatt Regency Cambridge hotel, where I quickly unloaded, checked out the nice room and pleasant waterside view, and ran downstairs to meet up with some other early bloggers for lunch.  We walked about a mile to none other than Whole Foods Market.

Heather, Danielle, Clair, & Me

It was a nice opportunity to hang out with other attendees.  I walked back with Amanda and Heather, both of whom have amazing running blogs, were volunteering this weekend, and would be leading sessions the next day.

We happened to arrive back at the hotel right as another mini-mingle was heading out, led by Clare and Katelyn, so I said, "Why not?" and walked back out into the sun.

This group walked to Flour Bakery, which turned out to be much more than a bakery.

It was nice meeting a whole new group of girls and getting to hang out in person with some bloggers I've known online for some time now.

Danielle & Chelcie

Katelyn, Clare, & Sara

Back at the hotel, I registered for the Summit and picked up my swag bag. Lots of eats, drinks, and coupons inside.  Thank you to the sponsors who made this weekend possible!

At 2:30, a kick-off session began.  Derek, the CEO and founder of Greatist told us about how he started up his website, what makes it, well, great, and how we can be successful, too.

Greatist is the hot, new resource for anyone looking for anything in the realm of fitness, health, and happiness.  Their goal is to inspire and inform you to make at least one healthier decision per week. (Hellooo, Dare you to!)  They offer daily tips, daily workouts, and daily posts on a variety of topics.  There's something for everyone at Greatist, which is something I love about it!  Dare you to check it out.


In the evening, a cocktail party got the weekend rolling.

There were light snacks (vegetables, dips, cheeses, crackers, popcorn, chocolate, and whoopie pies) and drinks for all to enjoy as we caught up with old friends and made new.

Kristin, Me, and Kristen ! 

My cousin Stephanie

Kristin & Me, post-photobooth

Me & Erin

Alicia, Courtney, & Me


The HLS Planning Team gave some introductions and encouraged a "Shake Your Booty" contest in honor of the party's sponsor, Reebootizer.


And that was Day 1!  Tomorrow I'll tell you all about the sessions and sponsors. 

The purse dumpout:
"Reboot" sunglasses, business cards, Rebootizer,
and silly Photo Booth pics!
     Click here for Day 2 (CrossFit, Sponsors, Sessions, and a "Great" Dinner
     Click here for Day 3 (5k Fun Run, Breakfast, Friends)

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