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Thought I'd take this Friday to start up a "Friday Features" theme and
share some love with other healthy living bloggers who I read
and from whom I get extra inspiration!


You'll always find awesome product reviews, detailed over weeks and months, from Kerri O of Fitviews.  For example, I enjoyed following her progress through twelve weeks of Jillian Michaels' Body Revolution fitness and diet program. She also gives smaller reviews and helpful tips posts, like Eating Paleo on a Budget.  

For an honest outlook in finding balance between healthy eating choices, emotional connections, and having fun, visit Cait Plus Ate.

Callie gives the the "I'm You" perspective on being a Wannabe Athlete.  She does her best and keeps it real, while running great distances and keeping healthy.

Katie over at Wish & Whimsy (cute name, right?) writes really interesting and informative healthy living posts.  There's always something to learn and simple ideas for small changes with big impact, like plating your food, as well as thought-provoking questions, like "Why do we do this?"

Angela does it all at Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat.  This week, she lists practical ideas for getting out of our desk chair and sneaking more movement into our day.

Samantha of The More I Run proves that change is possible at any age. She shares food and fitness stories and advice, and recently launched her own Health Coaching business. Go check it out!

Peas & Crayons always shares recipes with photos that make me drool.  Tons of recipes, inspiration, and fun ramblings over there.

The Foodtrainers Blog is always packed with nutritional information and advice for making and sticking to your healthy eating choices.

I recently found Simply Nicole, and immediately sensed a bit of myself in her blog, particularly the first post I happened to stumble upon: Why I Run. This post totally resonated with me, and maybe it will with some of you!

Dare you to check out these fabulous posts and blogs!

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