Stay Healthy through a Crisis

Good morning, friends!  Happy Wednesday. Isn't July just flying by, too?  I'm doing quite well on my Enjoy July goals and hope you are, too.  Also hope you're staying hydrated and safe in this heat.  This month has been a scorcher!

Today, I want to share an article that I think a lot of us could find useful, or should at least read for the dreaded time when we need some sage words of wisdom.  (Although I hope you never find yourself in such situations.)

Alison at the incredible blog Paleo/NonPaleo recently posted:
[Whether or not you subscribe to a Paleo lifestyle, please hear her out.]

When you feel under attack

In this post, she describes the struggle that comes with a difficult period or traumatic time in life, when crisis strikes and things like ideal eating habits and exercise seem insignificant or burdening.  Those times when it's all you can do to get out of bed in the morning, to continue functioning, to deal with the crisis, to get others through the tough time... how are you supposed to expend energy sticking to your Paleo (or insert dietary preferences here) plan when you can hardly keep yourself together?

Alison reminds us how our healthy choices keep us going, giving us the physical energy and mental clarity that we will NEED to make stressful decisions and handle the crisis.

That moment when stress overwhelms us, or when everything falls apart -- that is exactly when we must take care of ourselves the most. 

When life gets busy, stressful, or overwhelming... and you feel like giving in and letting healthy choices and activities fall to the wayside... remember that you'll feel better if you remain true to your health ideals.  This doesn't mean you need to go overboard or train for a marathon, she reminds us, but just treat your body well with the fuel it needs.  Read Alison's post for her thoughtful tips on staying collected during a difficult period, and remaining on track with whatever your healthful goals are. Dare you.

How do you respond to difficult times?  
Do you keep up with your healthy eating or take whatever's convenient?

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