June Check-in

It's July 1, and the heat is here to prove it.  Time to look back on my #FitFluential June Goals to see how I did.


But first, I want to thank you all for your feedback and entries on my 100th Post Giveaway!  I'll definitely try to incorporate more of your favorites. :)  Selected by random.org he Giveaway WINNERS are 63, 14, and 29, so that's...
     (1) Jen
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Congratulations, ladies!  And thank you to ALL who entered and shared their favorite types of posts.  Hope you all are ready for some GOAL recapping, because here's how June went down...


#MOVE: Run a(nother) 5k ... (A-)

This, I did!  My goal was to work my way back up to a comfortable, no-walking breaks three (point-one) mile run.  The testing point would be Toni's Welcome to Summer Virtual Run.  I was pretty good about sneaking runs in, even just a mile or two before a yoga or weights workout.  I also did tons of interval work on the treadmill (like this), which I enjoy because it keeps the run interesting and pushes me to my limits.   

When the time came (so quickly!) to complete the Virtual Run, I did it, and at a new pace for me!  Read my Race Recap here.  The run was a great success, so I give myself an A for that, but I really ought to get running outdoors more, and for that, I give myself the minus.

How'd I do on EAT, ENJOY, and SLEEP?  Read more to find out -

#EAT: Refrain from gluten during the week ... (B+)
This got complicated.  The first 3 weeks or so I did really well with this.  I relied on my go-to mish mash meal and also enjoyed some fancied up quinoa. Check out other meals and snacks here.  I aced this one for three weeks strong, and didn't miss it during the week.  On the weekend, I'd have a few bites of indulgence or make a whole meal of it.  Then, I'd feel the difference and life would go on.  During the last week, I made a conscious decision to sneak wheat back in, as a snack, or a part of a meal.  More on that later, but I did well on my #EAT goal for most of the month.

#ENJOY: Do 3 Yoga sessions each week ... (A+) 

Mission accomplished!  Motivated by Courtney's June Yoga Challenge, I got in plenty of yoga this month.  In the beginning, I went to my regular gym yoga classes.  Then, for the next two weeks, I instead relied on yoga DVDs for some great morning stretch sessions in my own home. Finally, this past week, I went to a studio to try hot yoga for the first time. It was a sweatfest. Read about it here!

So, all in all, I did at least 3 Yoga sessions weekly. Sometimes more.  It felt great :) I do feel myself improving, especially in some poses and breathing exercises that my gym classes simply didn't focus on.  A+

#SLEEP: Get 8 hours of sleep each night ... (B-) 
This is the difficult one, because even if I do my job and go to bed 12 hours before I have to wake up, it doesn't mean I will sleep for 12, or 10, or 8 hours.  My body doesn't always do what's best for itself.  Sigh...  Higher grade for effort, but lower grade for actual results.

The first half of the month I was definitely getting 7 to 8 hours nightly.  But the past two, three weeks, even, I've been waking up in the middle of the night, sometimes unable to fall back asleep (especially on nights where there were storms, and the pounding rain kept me up).  Then, if I had fallen back asleep, I'd still wake up much earlier than I needed to, tired.  Granted, I AM still getting at least six to seven hours most nights, but anything less than 7 and I really start to feel the effects, especially when it's for over a week.  I need to get back into a better rhythm, so I will continue working on this one!


There you have it!  I did alright by my goals, and will have to compile some new ones for July.  But one of my goals is simply to ENJOY more.  I started this weekend, taking time to do what I want, to go about my day without a plan, and to do what I want to do.  With a little bit more time in my schedule, I hope this gets to happen in July and August!

Did you accomplish any special goals in June?
Have any advice for staying asleep through the night? (And into the morning?) 

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