WIAW: Walnut snack attacks

First: It's the LAST DAY to enter the GIVEAWAY  contest here!!!

Second: Happy National Running Day (Thank you, Fancy Nancy, for informing me on the holiday!)  Learn how to celebrate here.  And finish the sentence: "I run..." for health, for escape, for the CHALLENGEWhy do you run?

Third: How are my June Goals going so far?  So far, so good!
  • #MOVE: I made my return as planned on Sunday, getting back into my running with 3 miles in 30 minutes! Not continuous, but I'll get there.  The weather was stellar and made it enjoyable.  Today, I ran a mile on the treadmill before circuit training.
  • #EATHaven't had gluten since Sunday, when I had just a dropppppp.  But remember, I said during the week.  Yesterday, I was temped by a meal out, where I ate a delicious salad for dinner, but then we ordered cookies to share for dessert. Uh oh.  I almost caved, but the cookies did not look worth it, and I knew I committed to not eating gluten during the week.  Somehow, I exerted self control, turning down the oatmeal walnut cookie in front of me.  I was glad I held out!
  • #ENJOYIn keeping with Sweet Tooth Court's June Yoga Challenge, Sunday and Monday, I did 15 minutes of yoga each, the first being a yoga stretch series following my run, and the second being a series of Sun Salutations in the morning.  This morning I did a half hour of morning wake-up Yoga, and it felt faaabulous.  I love starting my day with yoga! 
  • #SLEEP:  Sunday night I got 7 hours, and last night I got 7 hours.  I got in bed with enough time to sleep 9 if I wanted, but my body woke me up. hmph. Well, not bad. I think my body prefers 7 these days, even if my goal is for 8. 

Finally!  Drumroll please...
What I Ate Wed(Tues)day

This month, Jenn of Peas & Crayons has charged us with a new #WIAW theme: "Sensible Snacking".  I've written before about Smart Snacking choices, regarding both quality and quantity.  Summary: Snack on real foods, and not too much. :D  See the original post for more detailed tips.

The day began with a typical breakfast...

Egg Scramble with spinach, mushrooms, 
salsa, and feta. 

Always yummy.

(I also had a camera-shy banana, but you all know what those look like, don't you?)

Mid-morning, my semi-sensible snacking began.  You see, there is only one thing I seemed to crave all day long: Walnuts plus Something Sweet.

Therefore, the morning snack was a handful of...

Walnuts mixed with chocolate chips

See?  Walnuts + Sweet.  Simple.

That gave me a little energy boost before my workout: the aforementioned mile on the treadmill followed by some killer circuit training.  More on THAT to come.

After the gym, I went straight to the supermarket for some necessary restocking, but first wanted to refuel my body after working out.  Before roaming the aisles -- or, the perimeter ;) -- I hit the salad bar to grab a mix of things that appealed:

Baby spinach, roasted red peppers, tuna,
and assorted melons and berries. 

It did the job.  And then I did mine, picking up some essentials.

Don't ask what compelled me to buy dates.  I've had them, ohh, twice in my life?  But I think I'm envisioning some dreamland where I'll turn them into gluten-free snack bars (<- Sarah's).  Again, fruit + nut.

Home --> Unload and organize kitchen --> Read for class ... ---> SNACK!

Reading for class is typically what makes my snack attacks come on.  And, once again, I wanted walnuts plus something sweet.  Fortunately, the shopping run gave me an option other than chocolate chips.

Walnuts + Prunes

I love Combining Fruit + Nut for a snack.  Always hits the spot!  The trick is taking your portion and walking away, because although very nutritious (omega 3 fatty acids!  antioxidants!), walnuts are high-calorie and dried fruit is high-sugar.  That's where I often get in trouble.  Today, I nibbled scarfed down way more the the measley portion photographed above.

Oh well!  Work in progress.  Make up a Zip-loc, bowl, or napkin, and put. the bags. away.

Dinner was quick and painless: takeout leftovers.

Salmon, tomatoes, mozzarella,
& onions, over shredded lettuce

So there you have it!  I may or may not have had more walnuts and/or chocolate chips and/or prunes later in the night.

That's what I ate Tuesday, semi-sensible snacking, and all.  

What triggers YOUR snack attacks?  

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