Tough Training + Yoga Challenge

Tough Training

Tuesday, I had the opportunity to spend an hour with a trainer at my gym.  I was nervous for being pushed out of my comfort zone, but glad to get out of the rut I've been in with my typical cardio and free-weights routines.  She had me doing plyometric squats, using machines for weight training, and medicine balls to throw around.  Everything was in sets of 15, paired with another move--also 15 sets--and I did two sets of each before moving on.

It was DEFINITELY out of my comfort zone, but helped that she was there to demonstrate the moves, to challenge me to finish the set, and to alternate which muscles were getting used (so that just when I thought I was going to die, we switched to something different that was ready for the challenge.)  It was great learning some new moves and surprising my muscles.  (It's Friday and I'm STILL sore!)

Which do YOU prefer for strength training? Free weights (barbells/dumbells)... pure body weight exercises... or strength training machines/equipment?  

Now, I have a few of EACH at my disposal to use to switch up my workouts.  I'd like to keep using machines a little bit so I learn better and keep my muscles working in different ways.  (I dare myself!)

Yoga Challenge Check-in

As part of my June Goals, I joined Courtney's June Yoga Challenge.  Originally the plan was to do 3 yoga sessions each week--an improvement over my once-or-twice a week trip to the few classes my gym offers that coincide with my schedule.

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

On Wednesday, I mentioned that, so far, so good, but I haven't been doing them as long or steadily as anticipated.  BUT!--I've been doing them more often.
  • Sunday: 10 minutes of yoga stretching, post-run
  • Monday: 15 minutes of sun salutations to wake up.
  • Tuesday: 30 minutes "A.M. Yoga", instructed by the Element DVD I received at the FITNESS Magazine event.  It's a 30-minute routine that really wakes me up, stretches me out, and prepares me for my day.  
  • Wednesday: 30 minutes of "A.M. Yoga" (again)
  • Thursday: 55 minutes of yoga at my local gym's class.
Whoah!  I did at least a little bit of yoga each day so far!  This far exceeded my expectations, especially after completely failing a May challenge for daily yoga.  AND it looks like it's building up :)  The truth is, the amount I can do depends on my day's schedule, but I'm glad to slip a little in in the morning, when I can.  I really like the way it wakes up my body. 

TODAY?  Today, I will either do some yoga-based stretching after Spinning, or, if I feel like it, I'll stick around for the full hour class.  I've got a lot of work to do today, so I have a feeling it'll just be the stretching.  (Which is FINE!) 

How often do you do yoga?  Do you only do hour-long+ sessions, or do you sneak in short routines like I did this week?

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