Set June Goals

My blogging, running, and general 'me-time' activities have all fallen to the wayside these past few weeks.  Ever since #FitBlogNYC and meeting Bob Harper, I've been a busy, BUSY girl.  May has flown by and suddenly it's JUNE!

I had really high hopes for the RW Summer Running Streak, but timing is everything.  Only a few days in, I had a constant sharp pain running down the back/outside of my left calf, not only when running but also when walking, or merely sitting but turning my ankle from side to side.  Not good.  I ran on it a few days into the challenge, but then the BF (former cross country runner and voice I trust in everything) warned me to take a few days off of it.  FIIIINE.  I did.  I did some light elliptical work just to feel like I was moving, but did not run or put pressure on it.

... and it's feeling much better!  The pain seems to have completely vanished, so I look forward to starting  up my running again today.  It's about time!  I'm proud of myself for easing up, though.  It wasn't easy, because I had committed to (and was pumped up about!) the RW streak.  BUT! Just because I missed a few days doesn't mean I can't jump right back in, start fresh.

MAY.  Let's talk May.  
.. no, wait, June.  I actually typed May, as if that's the new month to be setting goals for. I almost went to delete it and write "JUNE," but am leaving my mistake for you to see how behind my mind still is.  Wow.

JUNE!  Let's talk June.

My goal for June is, quite simply, to MAKE IT THROUGH.  In June alone, I've got 11 credits of summer classes (all the hours and work condensed from a semester to 5 weeks), work stuff, home stuff, and little time for the other things I love, like working out and cooking up a storm.  So, in addition to merely surviving, I'd like to set a few other June goals.

FitFluential believes the key to balance is: Eat, Sleep, Move, Enjoy.  Interested in Joining?  Bloggers apply here, and enthusiasts/non-bloggers can join here.

Here are my #FitFluential Goals for June:

In June, I will...
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  • Refrain from eating gluten during the week.  (#EAT) This is pretty much how I've been eating the past couple months: 90% gluten-free (80% paleo), maybe 5% things that might / probably have some gluten, and 5% things that are obvious wheat products, but it's a special item or dinner out or something.  In general, I'm finding that a little bit doesn't affect me too much, but two different gluten foods or a few meals in a row, or one BIG one, will really mess me up.  For June, I'd like to stay clean, eating no gluten during the week, with maybe ONE non-GF meal per week (likely on the weekend), and ONLY as things come up. 
    • I was kind of a rock star with this, this week.  I was away for 4 days and packed food to bring to make lunches to bring to my long days.  I then spoiled it by indulging in pasta last night (penne alla vodka), after the restaurant messed up my order for a salmon salad thing... I'm human, too. So there.
  • Do 3 yoga sessions each week.  (#ENJOY) In May, I joined a Daily Yoga challenge with the intention of doing a bit of yoga every day, because I enjoy it and it helps me relax.  At FitBlogNYC, I received a great Element DVD with two 30-minute sessions that would make it easy.  However, DAILY was too ambitious for me, someone who usually just goes to her gym's yoga class once or twice a week.  And, in my busy May, I've barely made it to those
  • Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life
    • She kept the rules simple: "incorporate 3 sessions of yoga a week into my workout routine.  The length of sessions doesn't matter - 45 minutes, 30 minutes, 01 minutes - as long as I do three sessions."  I'm going to try to stick to that goal, but she left flexibility for you to create your own challenge, master a new pose, etc.  (Love the challenges!  Dare you to join!) 
  • Continue to get 8 hours of sleep each night.  (#SLEEPFor me, that's pretty normal.  I place a high value on sleep, getting 7-8 hours nightly.  I'm posting this as one of my goals for the month, because I don't want to allow all this month's work, commitments, and stressors to cut into my required ZZZs.


So that's it.  I'm keeping my June goals simple and pretty much within reach, because I know that I have other priorities this month that will make it difficult sticking to ANY healthy regimens.  So for every time I lace up my sneakers, lift a weight, cook up a meal at home, pack my lunch, and get in bed by 11, it will be an accomplishment.  

How do you cope when life is especially hectic?  
Are you able to stick to your wellness goals? 

If you're looking for new healthy challenges or want to share your own, enter the SlimKicker Contest to win a digital kitchen scale!

What are YOUR goals for June?  How are you getting started this week? 

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