Thursday, May 24, 2012

Take a look at Technogym

It was a dreary, rainy evening in New York City...

But after class, I hoofed it to Soho for a special event at Technogym's new location

What is Technogym
" Technogym USA is part of Technogym, a global leader in the development and manufacture of premier, high quality fitness equipment, supplying many of the most prestigious hotels, resort locations, fitness facilities and individual homes worldwide.  Offering cutting edge fitness equipment such as its Run Personal treadmill with a touchscreen multimedia interface, Technogym USA is internationally recognized for its stunning design and innovative delivery of wellness solutions that result in a better ownership experience and return on its user's time, financial and health investments.  " (Press materials)


...Basically, Technogym is a wellness company, the "manufacturer of uniquely designed, innovative, and extraordinarily beautiful fitness equipment," as you'll see below.  The company is based in Milan, Italy, and has expanded into the US.  Their Wellness Lifestyle is based upon putting people at the center of things, "where exercise, healthy eating, and a positive mental attitude are the essential factors for living life with complete psychophysical wellbeing."
Sounds good to me!

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Their Soho showroom itself was something to admire.  The light wood flooring, the greenery in the back, and the lighting that made it seem like a bright sunny day, in spite of the nasty weather outside. The sleek equipment were displayed throughout the room, with other fitness decor and books scattered around the light tables and bookshelves.

I like a place where ALL guests are welcome :)

Renowned fitness trainer Josh Holland was there showing us the ropes--literally.

He demonstrated Technogym's Kinesis Personal Heritage resistance machine, showing how the handles at various points can be pulled, pushed, and twisted to work all your muscles in different ways!  It's way more versatile than traditional weights machines or barbells.  Plus, the wooden bars in the back can also serve as a prop to raise your feet during your planks and pushups.

Not to mention, it looks pretty sleek, too.

You change the resistance of the bands by swiveling the small dial in the middle, with the digital display showing the resistance level.  MUCH quicker than loading and unloading heavy weights.

He demonstrated with Jocelyn (above) and Jillian (below).

Other trainers also demonstrated and explained how to use these fancy installations.

Now, let's talk cardio machines.

Their treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, have this incredible display screen.  It does have all the typical bells and whistles expected of a piece of cardio equipment (miles, time, speed, etc), as well as animated instructions for how to use them, much like some of the resistance pieces, too.

Even better, though, the cardio machines also have this amazing software called VISIOWEB.

... is this not every fit-blogger's person's DREAM?!  In all the work it takes running and sharing a blog, I spend a LOT of time planted in a chair, at my computer.  Sometimes I take my computer and balance it on the elliptical downstairs, and plod along veryyy slowly (so as to not have my laptop going flying off) for a half hour or so while I catch up on other blogs or write.  It gets some movement into my sometimes sedentary day, but...

If I had THIS in my home, I would be the happiest, most productive blogger out there. (Note: I do not endorse being distracted and multitasking during your true workout, but I DO support adding movement into your day whenever possible, so if you take take your work from your desk to your FEET, then I'm in favor.)

The VISIOWEB digital platform has full internet access, so whatever it is you do, you can use this screen to your advantage while you're working out and getting some motion into your day.  You can follow the news, keep up on social media, read and explore all the depths of the internet, while walking, running, cycling, etc.  NO EXCUSES! 

Source: Technogym

Representing the fine leather that goes into many of their products was a small table of leather bracelets and keychains from a.b.k Custom Leather Craft, where two women sized and cut them to our wrists.

They also imprinted initials on them if we liked, so I got "DYT" as a reminder to myself to embrace and seek out challenges.

Then, continuing down the room, I briefly chatted with Michelle, who extended me the invitation.  She was so friendly and warm, and we spoke a bit about the product lines.

She let me know that there was more to see downstairs, so down, I went.

More impressive pieces that I would love to install in my own basement.

And impressive displays demonstrating proper use and various exercises.

All in all, a lot to see and a LOT to pine after.  These expensive offerings are certainly luxurious and attractive, but are also all so functional.  If you've got the money, it's something worth exploring.

On my way out, I met Pete who told me all about Motion Traxx, which offers CDs with music and trainers to guide your workout.  As I've explained before, the right music can make or break a workout, and these have the bonus of a trainer telling you what to do right on the track!

They have them for all different types of workouts--running, HIIT, cycling, etc.  So I could load this Spin Coach CD onto my iPod, bring it to the gym, and get on a spin bike to have a SOLO class, all in my ears.  This is perfect, especially when I can't get to my usual spinning class.  Definitely going to give it a try.

Thank you, Technogym, for hosting me on Monday and demonstrating your product offerings.

Have you heard of or used products from Technogym?  For more information and to see their full offerings, go to

Do you invest in fitness equipment for your home?  What types?

Do you (or would you) use technology like Visioweb to work while you walk/jog/bike?


  1. I've never heard of Technogym. It seems really cool, but I shudder to think of what the price could be.

    The unfortunate thing is, the people who would be most willing to splurge on equipment that would let them fit exercise into even their desk work are probably the people who don't really need help moving around. I think a high price tag would be just another excuse for someone who needs to fit more exercise into their day.

    Now for me...let me at it! The most technology I've used (other than listening to music) was when I ran with an iPad on the treadmill, and I was scared to even touch it because I thought it was going to fall off. Having it built into the bike/treadmill would be a dream come true!

  2. Look at us go! I can only do Yogi push up. I need to work on that

    Let me know next time you are in NYC


  3. Wow looks like so much fun! And fancy. I would love to check that out!

  4. you KNOW KNOW KNOW Im SO SO SO jealous :)
    Id have love to have been there...


  5. Oh my... you had me at machines with the web! No idea these existed! Yes, everyone's dream!

  6. Wow! That place is crazy! You New Yorkers have it made in the shade with all the cool stuff at your fingertips. Hoping one comes my way eventually!

  7. I've never heard of Technogym! How cool!

  8. What a great opportunity for you!
    We have Technogym machines in my gym, but I didn't know there was an actual TechnoGYM!

  9. Thank you for your write-up of the event! We hope to see you again soon!

  10. OMG! This looks so cool, like an art gallery for fitness or something! I'd love checking out all this amazing technology and am jealous of all the fitness stuff you have access to in NYC.

  11. This gym looks so outclass. I mean who wouldn’t like to go to such gym?

  12. I work out often and I really enjoy it. My supplements definitely helped revitalized my enthusiasm for working out.

  13. LOVE this gym!!! So fancy. Will check this out someday :)

  14. What a great opportunity for you!
    We have Technogym machines in my gym, but I didn't know there was an actual TechnoGYM!

  15. I bought a cycle bike a month ago, it is good for me, I never worry about the weather when I want to have exercise.

  16. Wow looks like so much fun! And fancy. I mean who wouldn’t like to go to such gym?


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