Saturday, May 26, 2012

Join the RW Summer Running Streak

Happy Memorial Day (weekend) !! 

Sooo.... I won't even sugar coat it: My running has lagged.  Miles dropped.  Motivation waned.

It's been a mix of being busy, getting some curveballs, some less than ideal weather, and then back to being busy.  I've continued to prioritize my gym classes over outdoor runs (thank you, belated April showers), running mostly just for the 15-30 minutes before a yoga class, once or twice a week.

Time to get back to my running!  Enter: Runner's World Summer Running Streak 2012

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It's simple: Run (at least) one mile, every day, from Memorial Day to Independence Day.  That makes 38 days of consecutive running--more than the 21 said to be necessary to break or entrench a habit.  If I want to get back into my running habits of the fall and winter, then this is my chance.  I accept the RW challenge and commit to running one hour, every day, no matter how busy or hectic life becomes.

Can I do it?  I sure hope so.  I dare myself.

And I dare you.  Are you up for the challenge?  Just one mile, each day, 38 days.  I encourage you to run the mile, and walkers are welcome, too!

Remember: It's easier to do something every day than do it some days.  Make it habit.

Join me :)


  1. I'm in! I did a streak for the month of December to get out of the winter running blahs and ended up running 90 days in a row. I would have gone to 100, but I caught the flu. Streaks are definitely addicting.

  2. I did a run streak in December where I ran at least 5k every single day. It was amazing, and I covered a mega amount of miles over the month (for me anyway), I think it was around 160 miles, it was actually weird to not run after I ended it, it just became part of my daily routine.

    1. 5k, that's wonderful -- and that's the goal. Let's create a healthy habit

  3. I've joined, but since I am new to running and know that I need those rest days, the rest days I'll be walking at least one mile. Is it a run streak? Not really, but I know I'll at least be accomplishing something by moving every day! ;-)

    1. YES. One mile, moving, any way. Yours is the right attitude; thanks for sharing!

  4. Yep, I'm in too! Though some days will be more than a mile (as I am training for a race in early fall) so a few days might just be a mile walk or a mile on the elliptical.

  5. That's actually a great challenge! So, if you skip a day, can you double up the next? Then it's TOTALLY do-able! :)



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