WIAW: Love Grown and the Library

Ah, the life of a grad student is a glamorous one.

[Welcome to the library]

Still, we all gotta eat, right?

First up: breakfast, which was made possible in part by Jenn (Peas & Crayons), herself!

After winning her giveaway a few weeks ago, a glorious package filled with Love Grown Granola finally arrived!  She even snuck in some tea and a cute note. So Jenn.

Several bloggers have been going ga-ga over this granola this for a while, so I was excited to see what all the hype was about...

...and worthy, it was.  Mm!  One bite and I knew that was it. I'm converted. Count me in.  Good thing I finished my paleo month because this is goooood.

BONUS:  It is gluten-free!  Woohoo!  It's got all these other traits to brag about, too:

And even the "flavored" bag uses REAL INGREDIENTS for the star flavors! What a novel idea, to use real walnuts and real apples rather than "apple flavor."  Well done, Love Grown Foods.

I loved the "Apple Walnut Delight" flavor.  Normally, I sprinkle (okay, dump) cinnamon into my Greek yogurt, but Love Grown was one step ahead of me, knowing that cinnamon goes so well with apples and walnuts.  Already in there.  Boom.

I put some in my Chobani yogurt for breakfast, and when it was empty, I went back and put another quarter cup in the empty yogurt container. Whoops.

She's right. It is. YUM!  I had to seal up the bag and tuck it in the back of my fridge so I wouldn't be tempted for thirds.  Breakfast is over.  Move on, Meredith.

Then, I started my day with a 3-mile run outside.  Good thing it was early, or I might have melted.

After showering, I had a snack - [unphotographed almonds] - and then packed up my books and headed to the library, where I'd tell myself I'm in school mode and thus would (in a perfect world) not pass the time reading blogs, tweeted about granola, or writing posts for you lovely readers.

Like a good little fitblogging school girl, I packed a salad for a late lunch.  Boring, but did the job.

Also got in plenty of veggie servings.  Dare you to join Jenn and other WIAW participants as we serve up an extra cup this month!

Back home, I experimented with some gluten-free baking...

and enjoyed dinner: leftovers of a delicious quinoa dish my friend urged me to make.  Flavorful vegetables really brought it to life.  Recipe to come soon!


[ Insert more cookies and handfuls of granola for dessert ]

Thats what I ate !  What did you eat ? 

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