WIAW: Healthy fats and Frozen treats

Goooood morning, WIAW-ers!  Today, I'll be sharing my eats from Monday.  Before you see my food photos, please check out my guest post on Angela's blog! --> Running: A Love-to-Hate Relationship.  Enjoy, and please leave a comment! I'd love to learn about YOUR relationship with running.

And now, on to What I Ate Wednesday Monday

Monday, I had work to do.  I wasn't starving in the morning, so I poured myself a small bowl of Love Grown "Apple Walnut Delight" Granola and Almond Breeze original almond milk for breakfast.

HOWEVER, I brought it to my desk so I could do some blog-reading during breakfast, before buckling down on my papers...

MONOTASKING FAIL!!  Remember my goal to not multitask this week?  Yesterday I wrote in about how difficult it is, and this is one of those moments I was talking about.  As soon as I sat down at my desk, I remembered and took my bowl back downstairs.  Enjoyed the yummy apple-walnut-cinnamon flavors.

All gone.

Then I got to work.  "I am writing my term papers now."  

(And I did.)

Lunch was a super healthy fats salad!  I was trying out this packaged salmon from Bumble Bee.  I thought it'd be good for when I travel, because it does not require refrigeration OR a can opener.

It was a little weird, because it seemed more like chunk tuna than salmon, to me.  But maybe I'm just not used to packaged/canned salmon?  Does it all seem more like tuna? 

Anyway, I put it on my salad, with some walnuts because I was in the mood.  And I had a ripe-nearing-too-ripe avocado ready for use, so I sliced half of that in there.  With a dijon mustard dressing, I was all set.

Talk about a FATTY salad!!!  But healthy kinds so it's all good :) You know that fats can actually be really healthy and beneficial for our bodies, right?  Learn how to overcome fat phobia over at Nicole's "Fat Talk" blog post

Granted, I don't usually have so many of these "fat" super foods in one meal, but I was in the mood.  And it was so worth the healthy fat calories.

Then I had an eye doctor appointment (just a checkup; all good!), which was right near a Red Mango!  So while my eyes were still all dilated from the drops, we walked a couple blocks to get a treat until the drops wore off.  (How else to pass that time??)

Snack - Original, Pomegranate, and French Vanilla frozen yogurt. Blueberries, Strawberries, carob chips, and a couple pieces of cookie dough.  (Sometimes, you just need cookie dough.)


Afternoon workout: Four miles on the treadmill before yoga. Getting back to my running!

A few minutes warmup
2 miles jogging
20 minutes intervals

Dinner was not particularly exciting, but here it is:

Leftover Vegetarian Paella from my my mother's birthday dinner over the weekend.  It was, in fact, quite good, but I had enough leftovers of the family-sized dish to last me for days.

Why do they have to call it "Vegetarian" ??  Why can't it just be "Vegetable Paella"?  Are only vegetarians allowed to eat it?  What do you think; does the word 'vegetarian' scare meat-lovers away from this tasty dish? 

...That's what I ate!  What did YOU eat this week?  

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