Happy one-month anniversary of Valentine's Day!! 
What?  You don't celebrate the month after Valentine's Day?  Well, good thing I do; I have a special gift for you!

In February, I got the best Valentine of all: special delivery from Popchips!, love note and all:

Popchips was kind enough to share with me their new flavor - Sweet Potato!

The box contained several snack-size bags of Sweet Potato Popchips, all with a cute Valentine attached.  I'm a sucker for puns.

Here I am, rambling on and on about my Valentine's package. Where are my manners?  Readers, may I introduce you to Popchips.  For those of you who don't know what Popchips are, they're the hottest, tastiest "chip" on the market. The best part is, they're not bad for you (Popchips are not fried; they're popped!) and don't have too many scary, unidentifiable chemicals listed in the ingredients.  Sounds like my kind of chip!

Want more information?  Their website has everything you could want to know, including FAQs about the popping process, nutritional details, the variety of flavors offered, where they're sold, and the online Popstore where you can order your own chips!  Check out their site or their Facebook page for more fun tidbits.

Now, back to my love affair: 
I'd had the "Original" flavor Popchips a few times before and already knew I liked the chip itself.  Thin, but airy, crunchy but light. Plus, being so low in calorie, these make the perfect companion for my more calorie-dense dips, like hummus or guacamole.  Now it was time to try flavors, broaden my horizons.  So, I poured myself a bowl of sweet potato Popchips to taste-test.

Quite delicious!  The natural sweet potato flavor really comes through.  Out of habit, I almost paired them with hummus, but they were flavorful enough on their own.  This makes these little bags a great snack to toss in my purse or schoolbag while I'm headed out--packaged flavor without the grease!  I always need easy, no-mess snacks handy for my long days commuting, out & about.

In sum: tasty, light, popped!  Bonus points: they're also vegan and gluten-free !!  As a vegetarian temporarily avoiding wheat, this is extremely exciting for me.

And now, it can be exciting for YOU!

GIVEAWAY entry details:

THREE (3!) lucky DareYouTo *Popstars* will receive a one-month supply of assorted Popchips!  Want to win?  See entry details below.  

To enter the giveaway, you must leave a comment below saying what your favorite flavor might be or how you would use your Popchips (A travel snack?  Dipped in something? Some more interesting combination I've not yet thought of?)  This is all that is required. Please leave an email address, website, or twitter handle through which I can contact you if you win!

For bonus entries, you can do one or all of the following.  Leave a separate comment for each entry (up to 5 total).

  • Go to the Popchips Facebook page: Post a comment on their wall saying you entered to win popchips from Meredith at
  • Go to the Dare You To Facebook page and "Like" it. 
  • On Twitter, follow @popchipsNY, @popchips, and @DareYouToBlog
  • Tweet: " Enter to win a month's supply of @popchips at via @DareYouToBlog and @popchipsNY! "  

Contest is open from March 14, 2012 until March 29, 2012, 11:59pm.  Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.  Open to US residents only. Up to six entries per person. Winners must provide means of contact or another winner will be selected. 

Good luck!!  Keep snacking smart :)  

Update 3/31/12: This giveaway is closed; winners have been selected and announced in this post.

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