WIAW: Snacks from Across the Pond

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When I received a package last week labeled "Royal Mail," I was confused but excited as to what it could be.

Then, it hit me like a giant package of yummy treats: I'd joined in the US-UK Foodie Blog Swap hosted by Jemma at Celery and Cupcakes!  In the beginning of the month, I'd sent a package full of Trader Joe's treats to Lauren at Powered By Peanut Butter.  She lives in the UK, so I figured she could benefit from the wonder that is American TJ's, so I sent some nut butter (just a glance at her blog reveals her love of the stuff) and other goodies. You can see her reaction to my gifts in her post here.

Silly me, I thought I'd be giving her the treat by sending Trader Joe's love. HA!  Along with a very kind note, Lauren sent a smorgasbord of these incredible UK-based items.

I was struck most by how natural even these "packaged" snacks were.  The ingredient lists were astonishly short and real.

"Absolutely nothing else"

HA - "Secret" recipe

That's all she wrote!

These "Naked" bars were probably my favorite.  I finished one already, savoring every bite, wrapping half for later.  The other two, I am looking forward to as some gluten-free, dairy-free, aka paleo-friendly snacks to keep in my bag during my very busy days ahead. 

Also -- Lindt chocolate?  How did Lauren know my weakness?

There was also a delicious dark chocolate bar--YES!  Just in time; it's as if she knew that I'd just finished off my last one.  I love taking bites of this serious before my workouts... Or just when I need a bite of chocolate. :)

It's like finding the Golden Ticket!

Oh man. The goodies in this bag... There are also a few gummy treats and oatmealy items that I'm saving to try after my paleo kick is up.  Can't wait to try these too -- and white chocolate!  The surprises just keep coming.

In sum: Lauren did a fabulous job serving my taste buds and my love for REAL ingredients!  It's nice to see that natural bars can exist.  Guess I've got to make a trip to the UK with an empty suitcase to bring these snacks back!

In keeping with the veggie-theme set forth by Lindsay, you can see my veggieful plates here and my green eats here.  Also eaten this week were... (click to read more)

Butternut squash and Brussels sprouts !

Spaghetti squashhhhhh

Baby Spinach with roasted red peppers, carrots, tuna

'Risotto' but not :)

What are your favorite packaged snacks?  
Do you mind chemicals or 'fake' ingredients, or do you seek out the most natural options?  
Do you want to fly to Europe and bring me back some more of these?

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