WIAW: Go Green!

This was a week of GREEN eating!

It seems to me that if you're eating green foods--that is, green foods that don't also come in a dozen other colors and flavors--you're eating for health.  Green foods are just so darn good for you!  And although eating just one color group might sound limiting at first, there are actually so many possibilities!  Dare you to think of as many green foods as you can for thirty seconds.  M&Ms and macaroons don't count.  Ready?  GO!

..... tick tock ....

Ok here's what I was able to come up with: spinach, kale, arugula, lettuce (duh).. cucumber, grapes, edamame, celery, brussels sprouts, broccoli, peas, snapeas, string beans, zucchini, (some) apples, underripe bananas (they have the most nutrients!), 

Wow, thirty seconds is short. I could have gone on.  (Many thanks to my loving BF for serving as my timer. Now you know why I made you time 30 sec. for me.)  The point is: look how many there are!  I know, underripe bananas was a cop out. I was just envisioning what was sitting in my kitchen at the moment. Forgive me.  But they do contain more nutrients than ripe bananas!  Eat em slightly green to get the most bang for your banana buck.

Back on point: ALL OF THOSE OPTIONS are nice, healthy choices that will help provide you with so many of the nutrients you need to live a long, healthy life. And who doesn't want that?

With this in mind, I made sure to add these nutrient-dense greens to my meals throughout the week.  What I ate  -- my green eats! 


Spinach AND Avocado egg scramble

(How did I forget avocado? One of my favorites!)

Honeydew melon


Baby spinach salad
with white (oops!) asparagus, salmon, honey-mustard vinaigrette


Green asparagus

Brussels Sprouts

All together now, smile!
(Asparagus and brussels sprouts. GREEN!)

Garlic Spinach

Garlic Spinach paired with mashed cauliflower and baked salmon

Kale chips!


So there are some of my green eats from this past week!  Now, I dare YOU to plan to add extra greens to your meals and snacks!  Make lunch a hefty salad instead of a sandwich. Have extra vegetables as a side to dinner instead of a starch. Snack on celery, kale chips, and grapes!

What are your favorite green foods?  How do you sneak more greens into your day? 

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