Watch "Hungry for Change"

Hey, friends!  Just watched this documentary, 'Hungry For Change.'  It does a fantastic job of making the food matters facts, biology, and research relatable to average people in their daily lives, and, most importantly, it does more than scare; it offers viewers SOLUTIONS.

(Can you guess the solution?  Hint: it involves eating real foods. ... oops, did that spoil the ending?)

Click the link below to watch the premiere for FREE!  That's right; through the end of the month (aka ASAP!) you can watch the entire thing for free online.  Get to it!

Too lazy?  Can't spare 90 minutes?  Fine, the gist is that the ingredients in processed foods (including low-fat foods, diet sodas, and diet shakes and bars, etc.) are chemically designed to make you eat more, crave carbs, gain weight, seek the nutrients you are NOT getting from those foods.  Worse, we become addicted to these processed fake foods, the sugar, the chemicals.  It's the sad truth.  This is what our food industry has done to us.

The way out, fortunately (and obviously), is through clean eating!  Eat real, whole foods.  Eat your vegetables.  Use green foods to detox off of the sugar, the MSG, the aspartame, and get your body back to its natural, intended state.  Whether you can walk or jog, sprint or cycle, get moving!

You can rise above the Big Food industry. The warnings in this movie do NOT need to apply to you. Take control of your health, and your body will take care of you.

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