Shut Down

Switch off your cell. Table your tablet. Close your computer.

( WAAAAAAIT!!!! Read this post first, please. )


It's 10 pm... 11... 12. How can your brain power down at night if your electronics are still buzzing and bright until the latest possible moment before your head hits the pillow? Studies have shown it takes time for the effects of the light rays to wear off, those light rays that keep your brain active and awake.

This week, I dare you to pick a "shut down" time, at minimum, 30 minutes before bed. Make it 60 for bonus points. After that time, give your mind and body time to relax before bed. Read a book, talk to your family, tidy up your room, wash and brush, etc. Do anything that does not require an on/off button. Even better still, make sure the 'off' electronics are not leaving hints of light in your room! Best to sleep in complete darkness.

Personally, I find folding and putting away laundry strangely relaxing. Write a (pen and paper) to-do list or schedule for tomorrow, so you can free your mind of planning anxiety as you lie in bed. My favorite wind-down activity is reading. It gets my mind off the low points of my day or the to-do list for tomorrow. Then, when my eyes begin to close, I put down my book, close my eyes, and drift off to sleep.

I find shutting down helpful. Maybe you will, too. Give it a try, I dare you. We'll follow up in one week, so take note of how you're sleeping!

Say, "Goodnight, iPad"... (click and watch:)

Goodnight iPad / video source

What helps you fall asleep at night? What tips or tricks have you learned for getting a good night's sleep?

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