Makeover Your Mindset: TGI-Monday !

TGI-Monday!  Sure, it's late Monday night... Tuesday by the time you read this, I know.  Just bear with me.

But first...  Be sure you entered the PopChips giveaway!  Three lucky readers get a month's assorted supply, so enter here!

NOW, back to why we're being thankful for Monday:  This morning after uploading my own post, I read a thoughtful piece by Angela at Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat, in which she challenges (yayy) us to treat each Monday like New Year's Day, to start fresh, to say that this will be a good day, a good week, and to make plans to ensure as much.

She suggests selecting a focus for the week, and to take steps toward that focus all week long.  Specifically, each Monday, she (and I) will declare...

  1. One main focus for the week, which may or may not change from week to week,
  2. Two things I'm going to do as part of the focus to make my week better, and
  3. Three benefits I'm going to see/feel/experience as a result of these positive actions.
(Quoted from Angela.) 

Interested?  GREAT!  Visit Angela's post for more details and to see her own plan of action for this week.  Then, make your own!  I dare you.  It takes all of two minutes to put these ideas to paper.  (Or screen.)  It's easy. Ready?  I'll go first:

This week, starting Monday, I declare...

  1. My main focus will be bedtime.  As I explained earlier, I'd like to shut down all electronics 30-60 minutes before bed.
  2. I will do this by setting an alarm on my phone saying "Time to shut down for bed!"  I will also leave a book and notepad on my bedside table to ease me into the comfort of my bed and to let my mind relax. 
  3. I will benefit by falling asleep more easily, by going to bed at my desired time to fit in 7-8 hours and thus waking up more rested, and this will sneak in extra time to read books each night.

Remote controls? Out of reach.
Good book and empty notebook? YES!

There.  I did it.  Your turn!  Make your declaration for the week, live by your focus, and take actions to make it a reality.  If you're thinking about it, that's a great start, but don't forget how writing down goals helps you achieve them.  And remember to think positive.  Each week, be grateful for Monday--a reason to start fresh and change your life.


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