Rest and Recover

This past week has been rough.  I have been quite sickly, somewhere between a really awful cold and migraine-city.  I've been buried in tissues and beneath my blanket.  Not fun.

In the eloquent words of Queen Adele, "I've got a bit of snot." 


Now, in general, I don't like to admit defeat to illness.  I also like to abide by the "if you're only sick from your neck up, it's okay to work out" rule.  When I wasn't feeling so hot earlier in the week, I really didn't want to give up my exercise.  The previous week was so busy that I didn't do the classes or runs I wanted.  This week, then, was supposed to be full of nice, long runs to make up for it.  Instead, I ran one mile.  Am I thrilled about that?  No.  But do I think I did the right thing?  Yes.

I do prioritize fitness in my life, and that's something that I'm proud of.  I treat my workouts with the same commitment as any other appointment or meeting in my calendar.  However, just as I might sometimes have to postpone a date with a friend stay in bed and recover from illness, the same goes for workouts.

PLUS, the gym is no place for sick people.  (1) It's infested with germs you do NOT want to be exposed to when your immune system is already compromised, and (2) you shouldn't be bringing your germs in to infect OTHER people!

Anyway, just sharing my disappointment (but acceptance!) of my less-than-stellar fitness these few weeks so that you all know that it's okay, AND it will get better. You'll get back on that road, into that gym, to that studio.

For me?  I felt better this morning, so I went to my first Spinning class in two weeks. Within a minute of pedaling my feet, I started to feel like myself again, so ENERGIZED!  It felt good to move, to sweat, to exhaust myself intentionally.  Although it was frustrating, I'm glad I took a few days off to let my body recover a bit, because it felt that much better to jump back into fitness.

So when you're down and out, just focus on how great it'll feel when you're finally ready to get back IN.  

What rules do you follow for working out while under the weather?  How do you slide back into fitness after days, weeks, or months without?

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