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Ten things I LOVE about running?

Ha. My response to this a year ago would have been, “Absolutely nothing.”   

There's a Valentine's Day challenge out there, extended by RunChat, to spread your love for running.  So, obviously, I accept.  I dared myself to run, but have I come to love it?  In some ways, my answer is still, "No, not really," but in other ways, I have certainly come to love the activity that I once loathed.  The hardest part is still getting out the door, but once I'm on the move, gliding along, lost in my music, wiping away my sweat... I could call myself happy.  I could say I enjoy it.  Could I call it love?  I'm getting there.  Even if I don't love running entirely, there are certainly aspects of it that I do love.

10 things that make running bearable...

Just kidding! Totally joking. For real:

10 things I love about running:

1.  You can do it anywhere:  Your neighborhood, a track, a treadmill.  You can take it on vacation with you.  Geography will never limit your freedom to run.

2.  Along with that: You don’t need any fancy tools, bells, or whistles.  Sure, I’d soon learn that this isn't entirely true.  There are all kinds of useful accessories out there to aid runners in their training, but at its core, running only requires your feet and an open road.

3. You compete against yourself.  Top your own personal bests.  Impress yourself.

4.  Music.  Tune out.  Be motivated.  Dance in your head.  Dance for real. 

5.  The health benefits.  Pretty self-explanatory. Click here to see why.

6.  The “I Ran a Race Today” mentality.  After my first 5k, I was walking on air the rest of the day.  "I did it!"  And thennn, it didn't matter what I did or didn't do the rest of the day, because "I ran a race today," and that was enough. 

7.  The variety: steady pace, negative splits, high-intensity intervals, lower-intensity intervals :) 

8.  The community.  Runners like other runners.  They like to spread the love.  Newbies are more than welcome.  In my experience, runners are always incredibly encouraging and supportive of new runners.  Someone who ran five marathons will still congratulate a first-time 5k-er.  There is so much to learn from beginners and professionals alike.

9.  The challenge!  Here at Dare You To, challenges are repeatedly extended and accepted.  The great thing about running is that the dare is never complete.  There's always a new dare, a new challenge, a new goal to strive for.  Set a goal to beat a previous 5k time, or to run continuously for one mile longer.  Beat the clock, beat the distance, beat your previous self.  Always moving forward!

10.  The moment you forget you’re running.  :)

Happy Valentine's Day, runners and non-runners everywhere.

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