Combine fruit and nut

One of my favorite snacks is...
prunes + walnuts!

If you haven't tried this winning combination, I hiiiiighly encourage it.  For a while, I'd snack on them independently, but then a lightbulb went off and I started combining them in one sweet, chewy, crunchy bite!

Alone, they're great, but together, they're perfection.

So, you can only imagine my elation when Trader Joe's read my mind and created this--!


When food shopping after returning from my relaxing vacation, I practically did a happy dance right there in the aisle next to these brilliant inventions.  They're thin little slices of a log of prunes and walnuts!  The package suggests pairing with cheese, but at 50 calories a pop, I'd refrain from doing so, unless you're really looking for a treat ( which case, I'd recommend goat cheese here).  They're very tasty, easy to eat, and would be great to toss in your bag if you'll be out and about.

If you like nuts, and you like fruit--fresh or dried--consider mixing the two for your next snack.  Dried apricots & almonds, apples & nut butter, prunes & walnuts.

Try this Meredith- and TJ's-approved snack in your kitchen or pack them on the go!  Make it yourself, or buy the easy-to-eat Trader Joe's packaged version.  However you like, just taste this perfect pair.  

I dare you.

What fruit-nut combos are your favorite?  What other snacks do you like to munch on during the day or to take on-the-go?

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