WIAW: Warming Up

Catching up to the trends of the blogosphere, Dare You To is finally joining in on the fun!  I've seen the posts on nearly every foodie/fitness blog I follow, I investigated and read the rules, and now I'm ready to tell YOU what I ate Wed(t)uesday!

Actually, I'm partaking in a very special WIAW:  #50 ! 

So here's how yesterday began: Still on vaca, I got to sleep in a bit and had breakfast around 10.  I was freezing, even after my morning tea, so I warmed up some cinnamon-apple oatmeal with sliced banana and chopped prunes. 

Followed shortly by a snack of almonds. (Truth: After this handful, I went back for more, with raisins.)

Again, due to the continued ice-cold weather, I opted for midday soup.  Trader Joe's Butternut Squash.  I tossed a palmful of chopped walnuts in; don't know what inspired that, but it worked. 

In the afternoon, I finally worked up the nerve to begin the run I'd meant to complete before lunch.  Check out my new kicks!

At last, dinner.  While it was cooking, I had a clementine

I took what I had in the fridge and threw it together:  Almond-crusted salmon, with baby spinach and cucumbers to go with it.  Roasted it all for about 15 min.

While I ate, I threw in another filet with cucumber slices and orange peppers to keep in the fridge for tomorrow.

And that was my day!  What did YOU eat this Wednesday? 

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