Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Try This: Roasted Fall Vegetable Salad

My friend Rachel at Little Chef Big Appetite dared me to bring this recipe to life.  She must know about my obsession with roasted vegetables.  Challenge accepted, I told her.  Well, Rachel, here it is!

The recipe was pretty simple, and also easy to make look beautiful.  What's more--it tasted great.  The mustard vinaigrette really did it for me; I had plenty left over, so I was able to use it on salads all week long.  Delish!  I'll definitely keep that on hand as a sweeter alternative to my bottle of balsamic vinegar.  The recipe (along with photos far more beautiful than mine) can be found at The Luna Cafe.  Here's my re-creation, following their instructions but with slight changes in vegetables.

Roasted Fall Vegetable Salad with Warm Goat Cheese & Honey Mustard Vinaigrette
Serves 2 dinner-size salads

Monday, November 28, 2011

Beware the Dirty Dozen: Go Organic

This weekend, after an afternoon shopping the Black F discounts, my mom, sister, and I did some food shopping together.  Unloading the bags at home, I noticed my mother bought organic bananas.  This was likely an effort to make me happy (thanks, Mom!), but I was quick to inform her that her "organic budget" would be better spent elsewhere.

Who else is confused about why and what to buy organic?  Let's discuss.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Write Down A Goal

I hereby dare myself to run three miles continuously.
There: I wrote it. You read it. It's done.

One week ago, I ran in my first 5k race and felt so proud to accomplish my goal.  However, I confess that after a mile and a half or two, when the slight inclines got to me or my breath felt too short, I allowed myself to slow to a brisk walk for five to ten seconds, so I could recharge and then pick up running again.  Maybe this wouldn't have happened if I knew how to pace myself better (I kind of took off at full speed in the beginning), but that's all part of the learning process.

(Do any seasoned runners out there have tips for learning to pace yourself?)

My NEXT goal is to run 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) continuously, without those little walking breaks.  If it takes 30 minutes, fine. 35? Also fine.  I'd like to learn to control my speed so that I can stay at a jog or run for the full distance and improve from there.  So, here, I announce it to the world: My next challenge is to run 3 miles continuously.

I should be able to do it.  I've endured intense cardio workouts in group exercise classes and elliptical sessions, and I know I could walk forever, but something is different about running.  Today, I ran outside (60 degrees in late November? What?) and went about a mile and a half before switching over to intervals. Hm. In the end, I did the three miles in about 30 minutes (including those walking breaks), which tells me that my initial running must have been way too fast.  Oh well; I'll learn. I'll get better. I'll run 3 miles without stopping someday.

That's my challenge for me.  For you?  Keep setting goals.  I can run a mile and a half before stopping.  If I REALLY pushed myself, I could probably do 2.  My real goal for the future--perhaps my second 5k?--is to run it without walking breaks.  Whether you're a long-time runner or a beginner walker, keep setting these goals to track your progress.  If you settle for your established (now, comfortable) routine, how will you get better?

Set a goal that seems far away, but isn't quite out of reach. Check out S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting 101. Make it realistic but challenging. You can get there.  Just write it down, commit to it, work towards it.  When you reach one, select another.  Keep setting goals.  If you do, you'll keep getting better!  

What goals have YOU accomplished?  What goals are you setting for the future?  Set one right now, I dare you!!  Whether it's a fitness goal, a nutrition goal, a work-related goal, write it down. 
An idea is just a dream until you write it down.  Then it's a goal.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Declare a "Happy Accident": Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, thanked their bodies, and remembered to fit their workouts in around the food-focused holiday!

Since October began, I dreamed of making the perfect pumpkin sweet.  Although I’d be happy with any baked good, muffins were on my mind.  I scoured cookbooks, my recipe apps, and the internet for what would like the perfect recipe.  Did I succeed?  Well, if you change the challenge just described, then yes, I did.

I had so much trouble choosing the right recipe that I put off the project for quite some time.  Plus, October kind of flew by, right?  So busy!  In the end, I just picked one that was very highly rated in my All Recipes app and went for it. 

They weren’t the gooey, pumpkin, sweet treats I’d been craving, but rather like a spice cake flavor.  So although I didn’t make what I really wanted, I re-defined the dessert as “pumpkin spice muffins” for more accurate advertising to those I shared with.  In spite of my initial disappointment, they went over rather well among family and friends, and I actually ate many of them, myself.  So, it wasn’t a complete mistake; I just made something new that I didn’t intend to!  My old art teacher used to call these “Happy Accidents.”  That’s what these were. 

Don’t worry; I’ll still continue my quest for my dream pumpkin dessert throughout the season, but if you’re a fan of baked goods but not the too-sweet variety, read on to see the recipe.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Be Thankful For Your Body

The yoga instructor at my gym always ends class with a series of mantras, my favorite of which is "Thank your body for being well enough to bring you here today."

I could end this post right there, because she says it clearly and concisely.  But, since I've got the space, I'll reiterate it for you.  THANK YOUR BODY.  Whether you're in perfect health or have an injury or condition, your body still deserves your appreciation.  Nobody's perfect, but instead of focusing on its flaws, appreciate those parts that function effortlessly.

Further, remember to treat it well.  Your body is your vehicle in life.  It allows you to speak your mind, hug your friends, and dance to your favorite song.  It transports you from place to place, brings food to your mouth, and bears the children you (will) love so much.  As the means for your physical interaction in the world, your body should be treated with the utmost respect.  Feed it with natural, nutritious foods that will fuel it throughout the day.  Move it and stretch it to keep it going for years to come.  Avoid eating too much or pushing it too hard so that it stays functioning to meet your needs.  Take good care of your body, just like it takes care of you.

This Thanksgiving, while you're giving thanks for your family, friends, job, health, stability, whathaveyou, please please please don't forget to thank your body for all it does for you on a daily basis.  

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get in the Spirit: Pumpkin Smoothie

I make smoothies pretty regularly, but I tend to stick with what I know.  I never would have thought to put PUMPKIN in, even though this now seems like such a no-brainer.  When Jess at Blonde Ponytail shared her own pumpkin smoothie, I immediately knew I had to try it out myself.

After spin class this morning, I came home and needed a quick fix that I could take on the road to run some errands.  The solution?  As always, a smoothie. But this time, the pumpkin flavor would help get me in the Thanksgiving mood.  In spite of the rain outside, the holiday is upon us!  Here's how it went:

(Read more)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Fall" for Butternut Squash

Everyone I know who has tried butternut squash absolutely loves it, in any shape or form.  Do you fall into that category?  If you don't, now's your chance.

For me, "butternut squash" is one of the buzzwords on a menu that make me SO excited (right up there with "goat cheese," "truffle," and "roasted red pepper").  Now, butternut squash and pumpkin are in season--two great reasons to love fall!  Here, I'm just going to share the fail-proof way to cook up some butternut squash in your own kitchen to enjoy in any meal.

Fall. Warmth. Comfort. Mmmm Butternut Squash!
You can buy the squash whole, or you can save LOTS of time and effort by buying it already cubed. In my opinion, it's worth it.  I first began cooking butternut squash a la Ina Garten's How Easy is That, so I'll share this method below.  Read on!

Go to Beauty & Essex

If you live in the New York area, you've GOT to visit Beauty & Essex.

Happy 11/22/11!!  Today is my amazing-loving-supportive-awesome-bestever sister's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESSICA!), so last night went went with friends to this Lower East Side hot spot for a celebratory dinner and were blown away.  Guests enter into a old-fashioned pawn shop, selling jewelry, boxes, shoes, all sorts of doo-dads.  Then you pass through to the bustling bar area where the hostess is waiting to assist you.  A winding staircase to the right leads to an upstairs lounge where you can enjoy drinks, appetizers, and company, and a stairwell to the left descends toward the restrooms, where ladies can primp at a beautiful perfume-lined vanity and indulge in a rose sparkling wine before heading back to their party.  (Or, you can do what we did, and take the party downstairs for a pre-dinner toast!)

As we were led to our table, the restaurant seemed to grow much larger than it could have appeared.  What a space!  The entire place is dark (for dinner, at least), with chandeliers lighting the room from high above, but we could still see the place--large as it is--was PACKED.  Completely full, to capacity, people eating, drinking, laughing everywhere you looked.  Mind, you, this was at 8:30 on a Monday night.  Wow.  Must be pretty good, right?

Right.  The tapas-style meal was completely delectable.  Between the six of us, we shared something close to 10 different dishes, each receiving group approval.  The plates flaunted Top-Chef-worthy presentation, and the genius flavor combinations made my tastebuds dance.  The service, too, made the evening a smashing success.  Our waitress, and even the busboys, were extraordinarily attentive, especially so given how busy and crowded the restaurant was.  Our moods were lifted even further when the bill wasn't as outrageous as we might have anticipated based on how much food we ordered (not to mention how delicious it was!).  Win!

The whole dinner--food, service, ambiance, company--was such a pleasure.  I can't wait to go back and try their popular brunch menu!  I apologize for not including a dozen photos, but it's really just a place you have to experience yourself.  As soon as you can, head over to Beauty & Essex for a meal you won't forget.  I dare you! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Learn to love Greek Yogurt

One of my top three or so go-to breakfasts is Greek yogurt.  Love it.  Quick, easy, taste, and a hefty dose of protein to start the day. Now, I didn't always like Greek yogurt. I don't think that anyone is born just liking the tangier flavor of Greek yogurt. If you've never had it, go taste it, and you'll understand why.  However, I switched from regular to Greek yogurt after learning of its nutritional superiority (in my humble opinion). With less whey, lactose, and sugar, it's much thicker than the milky traditional yogurt we all grew up with. In the end, you get about twice the protein and half the sugar for the same amount of calories.  As a vegetarian, Greek yogurt is one of my most trusted sources of protein; I can get 15 grams in just a tiny 6-ounce container!  Plus, the thick consistency makes it feel richer, almost like dessert.


Now, remember, Greek yogurt might take some getting used to, but once you start, you'll get hooked.  Although I now adore it and can eat it straight out of the container, some fun flavorings can help you acquire a taste for it.  Often, I still dress up my yogurt to suit my tastebuds, and it comes out like a decadent treat.  Below, you'll see what I like to make, but, as always, feel free to choose flavors and toppings that appeal to you.

Read more to see how I prepare my morning yogurt.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Become a Runner! Part 3: I DID IT! My first 5k race

Click to read Become a Runner!  Part 1 and Part 2.

I ran my very first 5k race this morning! Check me out!

Woke up at 7:30, thirty minutes before my alarm. Pre-race jitters?  Took my time getting up, had tea, got dressed, stepped out into the PERFECT fall weather: sunny, a nice chill but not too cold, light breeze.  Beautiful day for a run!  Banana in hand, my four-person cheering squad and I headed over to the race registration and festivities.  It's the Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis, and all runners received jingle bells to tie into our laces, fun!  Registered, put on my bib--#230--and got ready.  The closer it got to 9:30, the more my heart began to race all on its own.  Outside, in the crowd, on your mark, get set, go!  The horn blared and I took off.

As an amateur, I definitely didn't pace myself properly, but tried to get a feel for it.  At the starting line, I was surrounded by excitement and real competitive runners, so I went much more quickly than I should have.  Remembering what my cousin Stephanie told me, I consciously tried to slow myself down so that I would be able to keep pace and run harder in the second and third mile.  My music kept me going, as did my cheering squad, which popped up to wave and take my gloves at three different points between the start and 2-mile marker.  It was also fun hearing the jingles, the bells on all the runners' feet.  How was I doing? It was hard to tell.  As I reached the 2 miles, someone announced it'd been 18 minutes, not too bad!  I kept going, pushing harder.  The third mile was the hardest, and I began to struggle. Keep goooing!  The roads were fairly flat, but there were a few slight inclines, plus the wind pushing against me hard.  On I went, just waaaiting to see the finish line.  Heart pumping full speed, I was ready to finish, ha.  Oh look, there I go:
I'm just to the left of the flag, see?

Read on to see how I placed, plus tips for working toward your own race. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Just go already!

We've all been there.  The "I'd planned to the gym earlier, but I waited, and now I'm too exhausted / don't have the time to go" situation.  I confess, that's what happened to me today.  Instead of going to the morning spin class on my calendar, I made up excuses for why I shouldn't: the pain in my knee from last spin class might act up again, I'm feeling tired and won't focus, I'm hungry and need to eat a full breakfast and digest before going, I should really get a step ahead on my work and errands for the day... you get it.

In my gym clothes, I proceeded to go about my day but not at the gym.  To my credit, I did some light weight work while watching TV, but then just went about my business.  Before I knew it, it was 3:00, and I still had a lot to do before my 5:45 train. Eek.  But knowing that tomorrow I would not work out at all, I'd regret not getting my heart rate up today.  So, I laced up and went.  In 30 minutes, I worked up a sweat running intervals on the treadmill, and I realized that as much as I sometimes dread my workout, it feels great during and after!  From the gym, I went straight to run my last errands before heading home to shower, eat, and make my train in plenty of time.

The point?  JUST GO ALREADY!  Why put off your workout until later, when other obligations will just get in the way?  In my experience, working out early is the way to go.  But, even more important: It's never too late to fit in that workout.  You missed the morning class--so what?  Just put on your sneakers and commit to fitting in even a short workout; it'll be better than the "do nothing" alternative.  You can always squeeze in the time, even later in the day.  And trust me, you'll feel SO much better after you do!!

Next time you find yourself putting off your workout, just suit up and go already!  Better late than never.  I know it's later, and you're tired, and you have things to do... but you can always squeeze in the time. I dare you, and I promise you'll be glad you did!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Become a Runner! Part 2: Did I just do that?

In my last running post, I described my childhood aversion to running and my triumph over the mile, and also explained some of the reasons why running is great for you.

So I could run a mile.  Still… why stop there?  Can I go further?  Run longer?  Inspired by several long-distance runners in my life, I set a goal for myself to increase my endurance: I would run a 5k in one year—by the summer of 2012.  That gave me plenty of time to train for it and get comfortable enough to go through with it.  Then, in October, I saw an advertisement for a 5k in town, just one month away.  Should I do it?  Should I just sign up and commit? Even if I stop and walk, and it takes me longer than everyone else, it would be a starting point to inspire me and to learn from, right? 

To see if I was ready, I did a treadmill test.  Running at an average of 6 mph, sometimes faster and occasionally slowing to 4 mph, I reached my goal in 30 minutes and 4 seconds.  That’s a ten-minute mile each.  It’s not a fast or competitive time, but who cares?  Look how far I’ve come since my teenage years!

Elated, I decided I was ready. I registered, I committed, I told my family and friends: I was going to run a 5k!  Alright… fine… but running outside in late November would not be the same as running on the treadmill.  There'd be cold air, wind, and hills, and I wouldn’t have buttons allowing me to control my pace and see my progress.  Surely, that would all slow me down, or so I told myself. 

Two weeks before the race, I measure out three miles in my neighborhood, suit up with Underarmour, ear warmers, and gloves, and set out with a playlist that is 31 minutes, 34 seconds long, so I would know how far I was from my goal time.  Off I go, up and down the same street.  I transfer hair ties from one wrist to the other to keep track of how many times I do the lap. Even though it’s cold, my body quickly heats up; I even take off my gloves and hold them the rest of the time.  After a mile and a half, I allow myself small walking breaks between songs—a brisk recovery walk only, no more than 10 seconds, until the next song pours into my ears.  Running the last stretch back toward the starting point to complete 3 miles, the music stops.  Twenty feet short of the 3-mile marker, plus the extra time for the 1/10 mile in a true 5k, it’d be just another minute longer than my pre-set playlist… I figure this out in my head while walking, relatively pleased with myself, toward the corner. 

But then, magic happens.  Another song begins; the playlist was not over!  I ran three miles, outdoors in the cold, in under thirty minutes. 

WHO AM I???  Did YOU know I could do that??  I certainly didn’t!  Shocked, smiling, and so proud, I walk back up to my house, with Mika’s “We Are Golden” streaming through my headphones.  Yes, I AM golden!  Look at what I just accomplished!  I may be wheezing and sweating and just about ready to collapse, but I ran three ten-minute miles.  WOW.  I couldn’t stop smiling.

Committing myself to a public goal gave me the motivation to push my body further than my mind thought it could go.  I learned not to let my mind inhibit what my body is capable of, and I dare you to do the same—in running, in fitness, in life.  What are you afraid of?  What are you holding yourself back from accomplishing?  Running, painting, singing, writing a book--or a blog?  Take a breath, dare yourself, and go for it!!

Stay tuned to see how I perform on a new route, in public, in my very first 5k race!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cook With a New Food: Quinoa

Cook with a New Food -- one you've never tried, or one you never even heard of...

It’s one of those foods that makes you wonder if somebody recently invented it.  Where’s it been hiding all these years?  Why was it lurking in the shadows until its recent popularity?  Whatever the answers, I’m glad these little grains of light have caught my attention now!


Pronounced “Keen-wah”, quinoa is a grain-like seed that you can do just about anything with.  Its flavor is light enough, with just a hint nuttyness, that you can serve it under any vegetable, protein, sauce, you name it, similarly to how rice can pair well with whatever.  I only started eating quinoa over the past year, but never made it myself.  My friend Alyssa cooks it often, so she inspired my use of it for my first attempt at cooking it.  I’ve got to admit I was a little embarrassed by how easy it was.  It’s funny how a silly little unfamiliar word can intimidate you.

But don’t let it!  This newly popular food is chock-full of fiber and protein, PLUS it’s a good source of Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Manganese.  

Image taken from Self Nutrition Data Online

Look at that beautiful balance of fat, carbs (fiber!), and protein.  Do you really need to see more?  Start eating it NOW!

Last night, I made Quinoa for dinner, but I honestly didn’t do much.  I cooked it according to package instructions and paired it with veggies and fish.  Still, it made for a delicious, filling meal.  Next time, I’ll try a more exotic approach… better start hunting down some good-looking recipes now!  If you’ve made a great Quinoa dish, leave a comment or let me know.  We’ll have a future post with different recipes and ways to incorporate quinoa into your life. 

For now, though, this was a great start!  Try it out at home.  I dare you.

Read more to see how I made my first quinoa dish.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Become a Runner! Part 1: The mile and the benefits

Gym class, fourth grade.  The year we began physical fitness testing.  The mile. 

The mile was the bane of my existence from age ten to eighteen. Why did gym teachers need to time us, to compare our abilities, and make it painfully public how slow some of us were?  Maybe if I hadn’t been forced to run in front of my speedier peers all those years, I wouldn’t have hated running so much.  And I did—I hated running.

When I was twenty, I found myself without a gym and thus without access to my go-to exercise routine.  Instead of plugging away at the elliptical, I began circling an outdoor track two-to-three mornings a week.  Having built up endurance in other forms of cardio, I was finally able to run around the field four times—a mile—without stopping.  It wasn’t easy, I couldn’t do it every time, and I would be huffing and puffing at the end.  Still, I started to actually enjoy it!  It was kind of nice to be outdoors in the sun, a great way to wake up and start the day.

When I returned to my gym, I went back to my old ways: the elliptical, the bike, and kickboxing.  These workouts kept my endurance alive, but I’d reverted back to my hate-hate relationship with running.  Surprisingly, my doctors often asked, upon checking my vitals, if I was a runner.  “No… I do work out, but I’m not a runner,” I’d reply.

Why not?  Why couldn’t I be a runner?  Apparently, my body appears to be capable of it.  Maybe it’s in my head.  I decided to start running a mile on the treadmill to warm up my body before a strength workout.  Sometimes, I push myself to run a mile outdoors when I only had time for a 10-minute workout in the morning. The mile—that big scary mile from middle school—is no longer as daunting as it once was; I finally conquered the mile. 

It may not seem like much, but it was a huge accomplishment for my gym-class fifth-grade self.  Maybe I can be a runner, and maybe you can, too!  Although indoor, machine-driven forms of cardio are surely worthwhile, there seems to be something special about running in the great outdoors.  Read more to see why you might want to be a runner.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Step Outside

Last weekend was amazing. Ask me why

Was it because I spent it visiting with old friends?  Eating delicious meals?  Dancing the night away?  Those all helped, for sure, but what made this weekend so different from others was that I spent it outdoors. 

Of course, we all lounge on the beach in the summer season, but how often do we spend time outside after Labor Day?  The temperature dips below 75, and suddenly we confine ourselves to our warm homes and offices.  The sun still shines throughout the fall, people; let’s take advantage!  Frolic on the grass, sit on the porch, eat on the cafĂ©’s sidewalk.  All you have to do is dress warmly and you’ll be alright.  Just because it's getting chilly is no excuse to stay inside.  It’s surprising how much you warm up while basking in the sunlight; you’ll be peeling off those layers in no time! 

Scientific reasons to love the sun:
  • All the benefits of Vitamin D, from bone formation to increased immunity and disease prevention.
  • Better sleep due to melatonin regulation. In darkness, your body produces the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin.  In sunlight, though, melatonin production is inhibited in favor of seratonin production.  Yep—that’s the “happy hormone”!  Definitely a good thing.
  • That, of course, means sunlight can elevate your mood
Normal people reasons to love the sun:
  • Suntan.  Sure, this mostly applies to summertime, and comes with risks  (don’t forget sunscreen!), but a healthy sun-kissed glow could give your look a lift for a day or two
  • Energy.  I don’t know about you, but I wake up a lot faster when someone opens the blinds than when I turn off my alarm in the dark and go back to sleep.  This is related to the hormones mentioned above. Natural changes in light and dark is how our bodies learn when to be awake and when to sleep in the first place, so take advantage of it.  When you’re hitting a wall at work, skip the coffee break and go for a walk around the block instead.  You’ll get the awakening benefits of sunlight, movement, and fresh air all in one!  Win!
  • Warmth.  They don’t call it “sunbathing” for nothing.  It’s like slipping into a hot tub, or like putting on pajamas straight out of the dryer.  Mmmm didn’t that just give you chills?  Or warm your heart?  Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.  Either way, it’s an awesome feeling.  Put on your PJs at night.  During the day, go say hi to the sun

So… what are you still doing at your computer?  Get up and spend even 20 minutes outside to reap the benefits.  Today, tomorrow, all weekend long, go feel the warmth of the sun, smell the crisp air, and come back inside completely rejuvenated!  I did it, so can you.  I dare you!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eat Your Vegetables!

Growing up, I was a picky, picky eater.  The closest things to vegetables I ate were jarred pickles and French fries.  It wasn’t until high school that I started eating salad, and even then, it was always just a basic Caesar salad, which is really just lettuce and croutons.  Oh, and I also ate broccoli when it came in Chinese food.  That counts, right?

In college, my horizons were broadened as I started trying all kinds of foods with my new friends who had all different tastes.  It was suddenly exciting to try new foods and “make-your-own” salad.  I learned to cook a bit and experiment with stir-frying, roasting, and boiling veggies to have with any meal.  Later, my sister—also an anti-veggie girl from birth—came to me asking advice about getting more vegetables into her diet.  She was ready to eat these nutrient-powerhouses, but didn’t know how to cook.

Enter: Roasted Vegetables.  The easiest cure for vegetophobia.  (It's really called lachanophobia, but my word makes more sense.)  Basically, you take any vegetables, season them with herbs, and stick them in the oven.  It’s that simple.  They soften up, their natural flavors come out, and they go well with ANY meal!  It’s really so easy that you no longer have an excuse to not eat your vegetables. 

To learn why and how,

Sunday, November 6, 2011

...Start a Blog!

When we were kids, any time a seemingly absurd idea came up, a challenge was extended.  "I dare you" was right up there with "I know you are but what am I?” and “If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?”  Further, once that dare was out in the open, the recipient had no choice but to comply.  (Well, unless he “double-dared” them back, of course.)  When and why did this bold behavior stop?  Now, we just stick to our routine, in our comfort zone.  As adults, we don’t challenge each other—or challenge ourselves—enough.  My new goal is to change that.

It’s time to try new things!  To get healthy, to get fit, to get happy.  Is there a food you’ve wanted to cook with but didn’t know how?  Maybe a fitness goal you want to achieve but have been afraid to try?  Want to pick up a new hobby, or maybe return to an old hobby you used to love but lost time for?  Maybe you’re like me, and have been encouraged by others to start a blog for a long time, but were too afraid to do so.  You see, I’ve already completed my first dare!   Off to a great start.

Whether our goals or desires involve big or little changes, why don’t we just go for it?  Most of the time, it’s only our mind holding us back.  We blame it on lack of information, time, or responsibility, but the truth is, if we just set a goal and hold ourselves accountable to it, we can do anything.  Henry Ford once said, “Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can’t, you are right.”  True?  Yes!  The only way to achieve a goal is to set one!

Just to be clear, I’m no doctor, psychologist, chef, or personal trainer.  I’m just a girl who likes to learn how to be healthy and share tips and information with those I love.  So welcome, my friend!  Follow my journey as I seek to improve myself, try new things, and live well.  I hope these challenges will inspire you to live a happier, healthier life!  Just give it a chance – I dare you!